Sixth Sense and all that jazz..

I have had my share of philosophy.. Am over that phase of exploring things to find out where life is headed and wat is the end of it all.. Did a little reading on the topic from various neo age phlosophers and found something tat was very true.. anything u write sells as long as someone else touts it as a must read.. even that is easy as long as u have enough page to make sure noone completes it , ever..

Well, i have found no meaning, no true light and not been delivered any insight.. It is all a load of crap , just like religion to keep people from being depressed n life and to give them something to hope for.. I dont care.. Have decided to become a materialistic mainiac with no high end morals so that i will enjoy the moment.. 9coz as Hitch said” life isnt the number of breaths u take but the number of moments that take ur breath away”)


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