Sixth Sense and all that jazz..

I have had my share of philosophy.. Am over that phase of exploring things to find out where life is headed and wat is the end of it all.. Did a little reading on the topic from various neo age phlosophers and found something tat was very true.. anything u write sells as long as someone else touts it as a must read.. even that is easy as long as u have enough page to make sure noone completes it , ever..

Well, i have found no meaning, no true light and not been delivered any insight.. It is all a load of crap , just like religion to keep people from being depressed n life and to give them something to hope for.. I dont care.. Have decided to become a materialistic mainiac with no high end morals so that i will enjoy the moment.. 9coz as Hitch said” life isnt the number of breaths u take but the number of moments that take ur breath away”)


About TitoV

The author of this blog doesnt look the part of the kind of guy who would generate the stuff in the posts. Well, looks can be deceptive.

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