So India lost.. Its not a Big Deal

After pyaar ke side effects “its not a big deal” has become part of my daily limited use of language..

India lost at the world cup… Well what did u expect? Yeah we all wanted them to win.. We wanted a Cup to be brought home in our generation.. Its just not happening this time.. The media is feeding the household experts ( u n me) with enough data and opinions that will fetch 5 ruppees at the kabbaadi walah next month.. Two months down the line we wont even remember our first round exit.. Theres a bangladesh tour next month and the pussies will all become tigers again..

Get over with it already.. Theres much better things to talk about like tat air india flight that fell on its nose after landing or the Coral reef tats been thrown up by an earthquake in the solomon isles.. ( All the information i have seems useless to the things that actually are talked about in conversations..)

Finally.. back to India.. ITS NOT A BIG DEAL


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