Just a few thought..

Why do the music channels play all the good songs at 2 in the night when everybody is sleeping???

How dumb would u have to be to name a dog Sunshine..

Why are some people always happy and others always depressed( and y am i always stuck in between?)

If i did fall in love, how will i know.. coz my heart skips a beat every time it sees Lady Diana or Catherine Zeta Jones or Anne Hathaway n a few other gals i wont name here for obvious reasons.. ;D

How do my friends remember more of childhood than i do?( i mean they remember details of events i have no recollection of)

Why is the idea that there can be faith without a god seem so absurd to people ?

How can people not understand the difference in taste between Pepsi and Coke..

Why didnt my parents train me in golf instead of sending me to tutions?( just think of all the money wasted, sigh!)


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