Small Dose of an Angel

In search of greater pain do i wander..
to any form of sorrow i surrender..
for her thoughts haunt me night and day..
blind love has led me astray..

Happy was i till fate poked in its nose..
And sent me an angel, a very small dose..
Three days of enchantment,she held me spellbound..
Then left me alone nursing an ever bleeding wound..

What did i do to scare her so..
I guess i now never will know..
But in short time did cupid strike..
N then told me ” go take a hike”..

The falling and crashing stupid heart doesnt mind..
As a way back to her it tries to find..
To hell have i been thrown..
For the magic of love i have known..

Still mindless heart rules heartless mind so..
That logic goes straight out the window..
For if i had to do it all over again..
I would in an instant forget the pain..


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