Small Dose of an Angel

In search of greater pain do i wander..
to any form of sorrow i surrender..
for her thoughts haunt me night and day..
blind love has led me astray..

Happy was i till fate poked in its nose..
And sent me an angel, a very small dose..
Three days of enchantment,she held me spellbound..
Then left me alone nursing an ever bleeding wound..

What did i do to scare her so..
I guess i now never will know..
But in short time did cupid strike..
N then told me ” go take a hike”..

The falling and crashing stupid heart doesnt mind..
As a way back to her it tries to find..
To hell have i been thrown..
For the magic of love i have known..

Still mindless heart rules heartless mind so..
That logic goes straight out the window..
For if i had to do it all over again..
I would in an instant forget the pain..


About TitoV

The author of this blog doesnt look the part of the kind of guy who would generate the stuff in the posts. Well, looks can be deceptive.

Posted on March 30, 2007, in poetry. Bookmark the permalink. 1 Comment.

  1. hmm… nice poem…

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