In vain did i try to run and hide..
To keep love out of my normal life..
But somethings u just cannot avoid..
n now love has left me by the wayside..

I held out but all in vain..
When the right girl came down my lane..
Falling in love was just too easy..
Its crashing n burning tats too hard..

It hit me like lightning, fast n strong..
Left me with what i knew all along..
That maybe it wasnt my cup of tea..
Love in my life was never meant to be..

Some wounds just never do heal..
They make numb everything else u feel..
Things remind u of what u wanna forget..
Oh! how i wish we had never met..

Memories haunt everyplace u go..
Of magic moments u before didnt know..
U realize its been quite a while..
Tat u have found a reason to smile..

Inspite of it all the heart holds on..
Waiting for someone who is long gone..
Patience is one virtue u gain..
For letting love make u insane..

Crazy am i trying to make her stay..
In any manner , in everyway..
Even beggars do i put to shame..
While love plays me in its stupid game..


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