Pointless Blogs..

My blog is sane ( atleast i think so).. it serves no purpose but then i dont know my own purpose in life how can i give my blog a purpose.. but these days i have been reading a few blogs of orkut and they amaze me..

 Firstly i am astounded by the vocabulary 19 year olds have( i at once pity them and yet admire them)

Secondly i love their pointless musings.. things tat have nothing to do with anybody.. their unconcerned lives and lifestyles..

thirdly i somehow find tat any gal who blogs usually thikns she has a bad sense of fashion and no social skills..to them i say forget the fashion sense, its ur wits that will need a match sometime down the line..

the men i see are more sane and very very depressed with life.. i know we got a raw deal and the women will never realize it.. but then boyz dont cry..

This is my dedication to all those who blog.. my silent salute of respect to the brotherhood of all the people who dont know why they blog or who the hell reads it anyway..


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