To Truly be a God..

 Anybody who has seen “Dead Poets Society”  will understand the title.. The movie is amazing.. The people who read this blog have the necessary intellect to classify the movie as excellent i think… Anyways i have always tried in my blog to tell people to break out of the ordinary..

  Well my life has been very ordinary.. Except for a few stray incidents here and there my life has been pathetically ordinary..

But heres some stuff i always wanted to do.. some are done , some are in waiting..

1. Learn driving- done..

2. Take a ride on a cruise ship- done

3. Visit switzerland; done

4. Go on a desert 4 wheel drive- done..

5. Learn swimming..

6. Visit britian, egypt , spain , greece , france and amsterdam..

7. Learn to cook- In the process

8. Go rock climbing

9. Go parasailing

10. Bungee jump atleast once..

11. Own a dog ( a boxer- soon)

12. Drop down on a knee and propose to a gal..


The list is endless, these are they few things i can remember.. unless theres a very important update tat is totally top priority that is all..

and yeah theres also the impossible list:

go back in time, learn flying, go bakcpacking across asia, learn fly fishing etc..


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