Small doses of the Butterfly Effect..

I saw “the butterfly effect” over the weekend and became an instant fan.. Ok, the idea is impossible and absolutely crazy.. but then i like to think of  the “what if?” scenario.. the consequences of such a possibility could be amazing and possibly life changing..

any person who has reached a point in his life where everything seems pointless would agree with me.. in such a possibility we all would never be satisfied u might argue.. well, are we truly content as of now i would question.. the arguments would be endless and again pointless.. it is an impossibility atleast to the sane mind..

as the title suggests i dont want the whole big chaos theory but just a lil of it.. like when we say something and regret it instantly.. when we dont and wish we did.. when we had one drink too much and puked away to shame.. or when we wasted just one minute too long in saying just the right thing to the gal on the bar stool next to you.. all those lil things we forget the next day and carry on as if nothing happened coz nothing actually happened.. i just need a little of it and i am sure my life would be pretty colourful.. ofcourse the mischef would be inevitable, but then life would be so much better..

on that thought i wish u all happy lives and little doses of the butterfly effect..


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