Even in loss do we gain..

The pain is slow in settling in when someone u loved suddenly departs from ur life.. the truth is almost unbelievable no matter how much u knew it was gonna happen sooner or later.. still u move along hating each moment of it coz till they are laid to rest the pain is in ur face, all around.. but as soon as the coffin is lowered or the pyre is burnt a rare sense of relief fills in.. atleast they lived a full life.. no matter wat kind of person they were , in the end only the things that helped someone or made someone happy is remembered.. death is the greatest leveller.. however bad u have been, how much ever u have strayed from the right path in death u r forgiven.. judgement is never negative.. even saddam invoked otutcries from unexpected corners of the world.. mortal as we  are , for tat one moment we become divine in unanimously forgiving a persons sins and trying to think only of the good things the deceased did.. tat one moment when we say he/she lived a good life.. he/she was an amazing person..

i hope i leave behind more than a few tears whenever it is that i will depart.. that my name will not need divine intervention to be labelled a nice guy.. i hope


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