Ok, this is one of the first things i ever wrote.. found it suddenly and so the next few posts are my whimsical thoughts and questions on life..

 Why is it always about love? Is the world only inhabited by people who r in an eternal search for love?
Is there nothing else to life? Nowhere else in the universe has there been born a more intelligent species than man and he wastes his life looking for the other half..

Everyone feels empty I agree, but is love the only remedy?
Or is it a remedy at all? No hard feelings to those who say that the found life when they found love,
but r they really perfectly happy. Is that the reason for their existence? Why do we always have to do wat everyone else is doing in a blind fashion.

Life is a search for answers. The questions each of us have may vary.Then why are we so involved in wat everyone else is doing? Why do we have to confirm to norms and standards someone else set? Each person is different, thats y we are called individuals. We try to emulate others because we think they have found happiness. But is that true. When our questions are different how can the answers be the same? Only if we try and find what we are meant to do onthis earth will we be living meaningfully. I’ll never say that we should leave what we do and set out on a quest for happiness. In doing our duties we are doing something meaningful with our lives.

The truth lies not somewhere else but right in front of us. It is waiting to find us round some corner. We just have to be ourselves, do what we love to do. U will argue that that is what we have been doing? It is not that we r not doing wat we r supposed to do. The question is how well have we doing it? R we being true to wat we r doing? True to ourselves? The questions r not all with their answers, maybe the questions in themselves are wrong. Maybe it is better to settle down with the remedies we have. Maybe love can be the answer. Maybe it will help us become more complete, more whole.

But isn’t love more of a distraction I wonder. A beautiful distraction to make people take their minds off the deeper,more important questions. A distraction to make our existence a little more meaningful. As I said a beautiful distraction tat might slow us down a bit but still help us move forward with more passion.May it keep u going till we meet at the next scribbling.


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