Scribblings III

 Falling in love is easy. its staying in love thats the tough part. all my life i ridiculed the idea of love and tried to keep my distance from that dangerous passtime. but in the end all my hardwork was in vain. one look at her and i could think of nothing else. even now as i try to come in terms with the fact that i am in love, a part of me fails to accept the reality of it. i dont know how many of my fellow males have been through this particular predicament but its helln heaven at once. why do people fall in love? i still dont have an answer.

 but suddenly that question has lost its meaning. the question is why do i blush at the mere mention of her name? why am i suddenly sporting a 70mm grin? i lack answers and i dont care about it. but even in love have i found complexities..

why did i fall in love with a gal who confesses that she still loves a guy who broke up with her three years ago.. who cant let go of him, and doesnt even care abt anything else.. who cant believe that she is worthy of love.. who is at once mature and understanding and yet very, very childish in accepting things that are confusing.. who is so engrossed in serving out love to everyone around her that she doesnt have anytime for herself.. who  doesnt want anybody to notice the pain in her eyes or the way her smile often doesnt touch the same beautiful eyes.. who asked me y do i love her.. n which mad as i am tried to answer.. well, though the answers were all relevent they were somehow not the reason.. it wasnt her eyes or her hair or her smile or her anger tat made me fall.. it was her.. it was her.

why did i fall in love?


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