Scribblings II

to dash: who believed in me

why is life is always about lost oppurtunities? no man alive or dead ever lived without any regrets.not one of us can say that any decision he made was perfect..

it has been tat way since man first walked on earth. economists call it oppurtunity cost.normal people like me call it sacrifice. sometimes we look back in life and wonder what would have happened if we had taken a different turn at some or the other crossroads in our life?
we sometimes wish that we had taken the other turn, that we had spoken when we remained silent or kept quiet when we had spoken. but life is not wat was, but wat is..the past is nothing but a load ful of memories, some good some bad. the only problem is we linger more on the stuff that gave us pain more than happiness. its human nature to try and find sadness about life to make us feel happy about our present. then this same present will look not that great tommorow. it is not that we dont look at the past with fond rememberance of times we had, some old love, some good friends, some happy times..
but then why do we think we took the wrong turn? why dont we learn to live the fact that life isnt always fair. u can either crib and cry about it or smile and face it..

personally i wouldnt like to have my life any other way than it presently is..  nowhere else would life have brought me to where i am. nowhere else would life have been the way it is. nowhere else would i be drinking with friends on a day that marks an end and a beginning.. the end of an age and the beginning of an era. life is not about lost about lost oppurtunities but about promises that the future holds. tomorrow is another day, another beginning, another chapter waiting to unfold…


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