Sleepless Nights n Endless Days

Yes , tat is wat my life is as of the past one month… Insomnia was always something that played with me once a week.. But the sudden unrelenting attack was unexpected and uninvited.. Being a management graduate with 4 months to go till my much awaited job begins, all i find is loads of time and little tat interests me.. My much hyped degree has ended the fun i had watching TV.. Now all i can do is analyse ads which were earlier discarded without a second thought..

Endless days accompanying the nights are self imposed due to an inherent resistance towards exercise.. and an allergy to the seemingly harmless mixture of sunlight and pollen grains.. With the telly out of question, orkut proving more of a obligation than an entertainment, its my pathetic attempts at blogging that help create the illusion that i am not totally useless.. it is also a weak claim at immortality in a cyber universe( a magical marvel on a maze of wires , carbon and airwaves..)

So this is it my fellow citizens, u r cursed to suffer the insane rantings of a sleepless guy , till death do us apart..


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