Life happens when u r busy with other things…

 I have heard this line a thousand times over… never gave it much thought..  but suddenly with a lot of time in my hands all i had to do was think about anything under the sun..

the headline is so true i found out during one of these thinking sessions… we are all so engaged with the idea of survival that we forget that theres more 2 life than just doing wat we r supposed to do.. my point is , though we tend to 4get it, tat is wat life is.. the freedom of doing wat u want to do seems to be used seldom.. the tata safari ad beautifully puts it “reclaim your life”.. in a few months i will join the corporate jet set( wishful thinking til tat happens, few may be a lil more than a few).. but i will also have succumbed to the norms set in some invisible way tat defines the right from the wrong.. i wonder when will i ever find a lil time for myself like i have today.. now i feel bored and keep thinking of when will i start on that job.. i need something to do.. then it hits me, this might be the last few days of my life that i have this lavishly lazy time all to myself.. the thought brightens me up.. i am alive, free , and nothing is stopping me from doing wat i wanna do.. which brings up the question wat do i wanna do,, well, i’ll save tat for the next blog


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