Brick in the wall..

The song is stuff of legend.. i have nothing to say about it.. my thoughts are on the term and its hidden meanings.. its so easy to be part of a crowd.. almost like singing at a group song.. u know u’ll be safe coz u r just mouthing the words..

Being different takes guts.. i dont claim to be very different from the rest but yeah my thoughts sometimes do find resistance from the conservative crowd.. am different in lil ways people rarely notice.. but i will not settle for being another brick in the wall.. i might not make a difference in the big scheme of things.. but if i am able to be a scratch on the wall rather than a brick then i would say my life hasnt been wasted..

i dont know if the scratch will be big or small, whether it will be considered bad or a welcome distraction.. it doesnt matter.. i dont know how i am going to pull it off either.. but whenever i say my final good bye.. its gonna be there.. tats all i know for now..

and if u really want to know about it.. keep watching this space


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