On Shilpa shetty , racism and india

Thanx to shilpa shetty racism is suddenly an issue again.. its being discussed in parliment, news channels, every nook and corner tea shop… amazing how easily we blame others for something we too are sometimes unintentionally and automatically doing.. ok we dont call them names.. but wait we make fun of any sardar we see, every bihari is uneducated and every mallu has a bad accent..

come on people grow up.. the differences are so deep rooted into our psyche and we do it all day long.. a man who has made his money himself is still not accepted into the higher classes because he was born sc/st, obc or one of the other names the govt. has labelled them with.. any gal who drinks , it may be just wine, is frowned upon.. any boy who dresses up in a baggy jeans , tshirt n baseball cap is forgetting his culture..

the north indians call everybody down south a sala madrasi.. the south indian snicker n frown upon anybody who can speak hindi.. girl childs are still a burden to be married off as soon as possible..we were the first to divide people into sects depending on the work they did..we of all people have no right to object to racism.. we have more boundaries defined bases on caste creed colour and wat not.. not only are we incorrigbly biased , we tend to consider it normal.. we dont even realize the words we say, acts we do or the company we keep are all still very conservative( another beautiful term we hide behind)..

“let he who is without sin cast the first stone…” before we condemn the english and the rest of the world over ill-treating indians n all other coloured people , take a moment off to think are we any better???


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