Bored in Bangalore…

The title is not a jab at anybody or anyone… its just a statement of the situation i am in… after the fun n frolic of the new year season, i have suddenly hit a dead end.. i mean no classes, no job, no parties, nothing… life can be pretty boring when all u do all day long is watch passing traffic n guess when will  the next red car be.. nights are even worse, u lie on bed waiting for sleep when all the dogs in the neighbourhood decide to have a parliment session,(hear the mutts are being killed, am happy n no am not a animal hater, i am just happier with them gone so i can catch a lil sleep)..

 one ends up surfing the net at odd hours when noone else is online.. orkut helps a lil.. but scraping is just too tedious… then the realization hits you tat this is the end of ur student life… soon work n more work will be the only constant in life… these are the last few days of my youthful freedom… soon deadlines, margins , revenue etc etc will be the only words i hear.. i dont want these days to be so dull n lifeless.. come on people do something, only reality i see is on tv (bigg boss)..

in a few days , i’ll be another formally clad guy in a cubicle smwhere.. my jeans will retire n my sneakers will gather dust… the thought is scary but inevitable… hope i end up in a company which is not serious abt dress codes n so the few passable shirts i still have can be used atleast for some time before i need to upgrade my wardrobe..

of course 6 months down the line i’ll be singing praises of bangalore when i finally have to leave.. all this wont matter n all i’ll have will be  a few names n numbers and a mind ful of memories and a heart full of love for the city that welcomes anybody who walks in invited or otherwise…


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