Musings of a couch potato

 Life has tunred me into a couch potato.. An overload of the idiot cube and i am lost in a myraid of emotions, drama, news, and thoughts… One thing i heard on it it strikes out though and thought i would pen it down b4 it was lost again in another set of new info pouring in..

We like people for there qualities but we love them for their defects…

Sounds funny first time we hear it but ponder over it a moment and we’ll notice that its true… we love people for the things that set them apart from the rest of the world.. It might be a persons smile, anothers sense of timing, the way they move their hands during a heated conversation or just the way they are.. but that is the reason we love them.. for eg: we love joey’s howya doing? chandlers sarcasms , pheobes music and ross’ “duh?”..

All my friends have their defects, n i love them all.. it sets one apart, it defines them in a certain way.. I dont know wat defect defines me but yeah, it doesnt matter.. If it does i dont care.. sayonara on that thought.. c ya all..


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