An enlightened existence

Suddenly i was hit by the enormity of the problem i am gonna face in a few days time… Like DJ in RDB i am a happy go lucky guy in college( am nowhere close to aamir in terms of look), n like him i too am afraid to ride out into the big bad world of a career.. I am as i mentioned happy… people know mw in college, i am respected by my juniors, my name is synonymous with marketing or rather promotional ideas… But tat is soon gonna end n then i’ll be another face in the crowd.. A lone wolf in a dark forest which has no way out.. Life as i know it is ending… Its a scary thought.. It took me ages to get to this point.. N with the kind of social bonding issues i have, am better off in the himalayas where the solitude is coz theres noones around not coz theres nothing to talk about… My life has been boring.. Except for maybe a few stray incidents here n there, it has been so damn normal that sometimes wanna shout out loud just for the heck of it..

Soon i’ll join the hundreds of suits moving around in dazed submission to meet dead lines and make money for a company that is better off without ur insignificant contribution.. But then i might strike gold n become a star… Paparazzi will haunt me, bimbos will hang around hoping a slice of my soon to be made fortune, lots of kids will vote me the indian icon of the  year 5 times in a row.. Tat would be nice.. but am not quite sure cannot handle all tat attention.. so i’ll settle for the meaningless existence i was lamenting about till fate decides to do something about it..


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  1. hey, i bumped into ur blog accidently.. though i saw this link on ur orkut profile, never cared to click it.. but, here u r… strated writing too……. hmm.. good!!

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