The new year is here…

I dont find the point people make a fuss about new year , i mean , get real, wat difference does it make to the meaningless existence we have anyways..  but i still like it coz it gives me another reason to drink n be merry ( not tat i need one)..

Well , this new year i have decided to be more vocal in expressing my emotions( they are usually limited to the lifting of an eyebrow, the crooked grin , or the dumb expression tat seems to be my only hope of a inheritance)..

Well, the problem is once u have decided to be vocal, u suddenly understand ur vocabulary sums up for peanuts n tat at 23 theres not much chance of improving.. Still i will plod on to make mine n thy life miserable as can be… 

I have recently found a term for a certain affliction i seem to have had from time immemorial( tat means from when i was around 4 yrs old, coz sm1 blanked my memory till then.. the bas345ds whoever they r didnt even think i was a baby, n a cute one at tat..) Its called self preservation.. I have the inherent ability to supress any romantic feelings towards any member of the fairer sex( i dont knw wat tat actually signifies) till the point where my saying them out loud doesnt matter.. n hence have been single all my life.. i amnt complaining, there isnt any missing feeling or any a sense of loss.. Still it feels like a malfunction everytime i fall head over heals for a woman , n she dissapears…

My point is this year round i hope it will change for the better n maybe i’ll end up with a supermodel after all.. heres to all dreamers like me, keep on dreaming


About TitoV

The author of this blog doesnt look the part of the kind of guy who would generate the stuff in the posts. Well, looks can be deceptive.

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  1. get a life dude… there’s more to women thn supermodels n hot bods…

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