Random thoughts..

My life is boring.. i mean i havent done anything of importance.. Was an average student all along.. didnt have any troubles making out of school n college with decent marks… Was popular i agree.. But then who isnt.. Have had my share of fist fights, debates, travel and even been mugged once.. But who wants to hear the story of a 23 yr old mba.. Who sleeps all day n blogs at nite.. Well, i am hoping some of u do..

Am in a quandry… I have always had friends all along… Have never felt that i would ever lose them… But now at the threshold of a new life, a job , a career and all tat jazz… i suddenly realize it all ends here.. Those friends who were there beside me all day long… Those people who i used to take for granted… They are all at the same threshold too.. Soon we’ll all be going our different ways.. Chasing distant dreams… Pulling n pushing our way up a corporate ladder… N i wonder when will we meet again.. Who will we all end up as… How many of them will remember this funny guy who had a way with words… Those hour long conversations on the phone , will soon melt away into few n far between how r u’s… The canteen n the juice shop round the corner will bring back memories of a time when we were kings, when bangalore was our backyard… All we will have are a handful of photos and a few sweet memories… I dont want it to end this way.. Wish i could stay in college for longer, forever… I dont want to climb the ladder, i dont even want money.. i will work for food n shelter… I would trade all the future holds to freeze these few days left… Coz i know no matter where destiny takes me , i’ll miss all my friends.. I’ll miss playing AoC in the lab, drinking free coffee at the library, passing comments sitting on the stairs, i’ll miss all tat n more…

I’ll never forget the presentations without preperation, the posters we came up with, the classes we sat in coz we were bored of bunking.. But most of all i’ll miss the people who have made me what i am.. the guys from the backbench who were always game for any new prank tat came to mind.. the gals who collected notes without which i wouldnt have passed.. The teachers who all said ” get ur basics right”…

And my friends who stood by me thru thick n thin.. who shared my heartches n my crazy cravings.. who bailed me outta the worst situations.. who made me laugh at the smallest things.. who kept me company on nite long parties… who believed in me ,more than i did in them…

This is an ode to one and all.. My way of saying i loved every single moment of it.. N that i’ll miss u all


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