I wake up and wish i never did

Dreams are a beautiful…. U can be just about anywhere in the universe with anyone u like or hate, do anything u wanna do and it never for a moment feels boring.. Life on the other hand is reality..u r stuck in the same place day after day, with the same faces dull and boring, doing the same old job for hours on end… U never run out of options or money in dreams… In life u r lucky if u have either of the above… Dreams people say give u a reason to live… give u direction.. i say dreams are a distraction, sweet as honey and addictive like nicotine.. but i wouldnt have it any other way.. coz at least in dreams i can be king of my world , eat , drink and be merry without having to feel guilty.. Beat up the bad guys , bring down the system with a sigle stone… think of it, the possibilities are infinite ,the investment next to zilch… So wat are u doing still reading this? Go sleep…


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