Everyone is lonely…

Thanx to the digital revolution we now live in a small world, everything is closeby in the virtual world.. But people are no longer happy.. evveryone is connected yet disconnected.. life has become more n more easier from the comforts of a seat in front of the computer that we talk to people we know and people we dont all day long.. we tell a lot of things but often hide wat we have to say.. (the word here is say).. we see a lot of things but nothing registers.. we hear but dont listen.. life has become so easy we have forgotten how to live.. and suddenly the power goes off n we realize we havent moved all day… when was the last time u actually met ur best friend.. when was the last time you met ur parents in person.. how long has it been since u last saw a woman n were held spellbound by her breathtaking beauty… when was the last time u stopped n smelled the roses? too long… far too long… break out of it… as the tata ad goes reclaim ur life…


About TitoV

The author of this blog doesnt look the part of the kind of guy who would generate the stuff in the posts. Well, looks can be deceptive.

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