Defined by negatives…

People are not usually able to define themselves by expressing everything they like, so we tend to use negatives to give others a brief outline of who we are..  People may not know wat i like but my friends sure know wat i dont… the donts , the dislikes, the no’s all help us define an outline of our psyche… that thin line tat seperates they black ares from the white and the gray.. of course the white areas are also pretty easy to identify.. its the grey areas tat create problems.. we often dont know where gray actually overlaps the white and the black… then how can we expect others to understand it either… so we use the donts.. i dont like that , i hate so and so, i dont like him/her etc.. to best create an impression of who we are…  and that is what we are to the rest of the world, so just be careful when u use ur donts.. i aint no saint myself but then noone has ever come out and called me a bad guy either… 


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